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TITLE Quiz on Korea – Result Announcement
Date 2012.06.30

FILEQuiz Answers.doc

Thank you very much to all those who participated in the Canada Qualifying Round of Quiz on Korea!
Congratulations to Mr. MARC LACOSTE TREMBLAY, who received the highest mark and thus will be selected to represent Canada at the Quiz on Korea Final Round in Korea in August! 

Congratulations to the rest of the Top 29 contestants who will receive prizes in their mail. 

As per our Rules and Terms, those who submitted their answers after 8:10PM Eastern Time were disqualified from the competition. However, we very much look forward to your future participation, and we thank you very much for your interest in Korea and Korean Culture. 

In addition, you will find in the attachment, the answers to the Quiz which contain links that lead you to further information on the subject. 

If you have any questions regarding your Quiz on Korea participation, or would like to share some of your thoughts on this event, please feel free to email

1. Marc Lacoste Tremblay
2. Fawzia Raja
3. Yu (Mary) Zhang
4. Yifan Yang
5. Lucas Green
6. Gabriela Middlebrook
7. Charles Taylor
8. Chang Yu Ling
9. Annie (Jia Yuan) Wei
10. Asma Hamid
11. Karina Aisa C. Viceral
12. Hui (Tammy) Cao
13. Mihaela Andrei
14. David Yi-Hsiang Chen
15. Jeff Myers
16. Dominique Charest
17. Chen Duan Ying (Cherie)
18. Emma Sinare
19. Annie Liu
20. Aveline Tung Yee Wai
21. Rezvan Saeedipour
22. Minh-Tu Trinh
23. Gaëlle Nedji Garnier
24. Rachel Anne Leano
25. Donna Fung
26. Tiffany Perryman
27. Jennifer St-Pierre
28. Kris Lam
29. Samia Miftah-Idrissi