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TITLE <F4 >Overseas Koreans(People of Korean Heritage)
Date 2016.09.26

FILEVisa Application Form8.pdf

----> Click for F4 Visa instructions in Korean (Then go to 재외동포 비자(F-4)및 거소신고)

*For Overseas Koreans who previously possessed ROK citizenship:

----> Click for R
eporting the loss of nationality in Korean (Then go to 국적상실신고)

*For foreigner with at least one parent/grandparent who possessed ROK
citizenship in the past but who has acquired the Canadian citizenship since.
----->Click for Renunciation procedure of Korean nationality in Korean(Then go to 국적이탈신고)

Eligible Applicants:
1. Foreign citizens who previously possessed Republic of Korea citizenship(ROK)
but have renounced their Republic of Korea citizenship (Gookjeoksangsilsingo),


2. Foreign citizens with at least one parent or grandparent who possessed Republic
of Korea citizenship in the past but who currently is a citizen of another country

Required Items:
1. Visa application form
2. One passport-type colour photo
(white background, must be taken within the last 6 months by a commercial photographer
with the date stamp on the back)
3. Original and a photocopy of passport (remaining validity of at least 6 months)
4. Visa fee: Cdn $117 (Cash or money order only
5. Additional items: (below)

For Overseas Koreans(Those who had Korean nationality in the past, but have since acquired the Canadian citizenship) :
6. Original and a photocopy of Canadian citizenship certificate of the applicant (lettersize)
7. A photocopy of the Family Relationship certificate (Gajokgwangyejeungmyungsuh)
and the Basic certificate (Gibonjeungmyungsuh)
or Family Register certificate (proving the applicant’s citizenship has been renounced)
8. (This applies only if applicant is under 38 years of age)
a photocopy of the Applicant’s parents’ passports (photocopied)
and Canadian citizenship certificate
(they also should renounce ROK citizenship)

For Those with a non-Korean nationality who has at least one parent or grandparent who is Korean or had Korean nationality in the past. 

 - A person whose either of parents or either of grandparents with Korean nationality acquired foreign nationality
6. Original and a photocopy of birth certificate issued by a foreign country
(the names of the applicant’s parents must be stated)
7. Recent copy of the Family Relationship certificate (Gajokgwangyejeungmyungsuh)
and the Basic certificate (Gibonjeungmyungsuh) of both parents or grandparents
8. The parents’ or grandparents’ Canadian citizenship certificate

Mailing your application to the Consulate?
Click Here
for Mail-In Instructions for All Visa Applicants

Important information for F4 Visa applications and other people of Korean heritage:

Military Service
Among dual citizenship holders who were born outside Korea but whose names were included
on their family register (Hojokdeungbon), only those who have renounced their Korean citizenship
can apply for F4 visas. Men aged 18 to 35 who did not renounce Korean citizenship before they reached 18, cannot renounce their Korean citizenship unless:

1. Have an exemption from military service, or
2. Complete their military service

Please note that men aged between 24 to 35 who did not renounce their Korean citizenship
before the age of 18, should apply at the Consulate for deferring military enlistment.
(required in order to travel to Korea for a short period)
For details, please contact the Consulate.

Entry, Departure, and Residency in Korea
For people who obtain F4 status, preferential treatment is granted as follows:
1. A stay of up to 2 years is permitted and the period of stay can be extended through
an application process.
2. It is possible to engage in almost all employment activities, excluding unskilled manual labour
and speculation activities, however, in order to work in certain regulated professions,
individuals must qualify in the relevant area (law, medicine, etc), in accordance with Korean laws.
3. It is not necessary to complete the alien registration process, if the F4 visa holder reports domestic
residency to a Korean immigration office.